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There has been a definite shift back towards feminine dressing on the catwalks over the past couple of years - a move away from masculinity and adrogeny towards more flirty and girly looks - and you can't get a more feminine item than the dress. In these modern times, when we're all so time poor they do seem to be the ultimate in easy dressing - just slip one on and you're good to go. Style dilemma solved! However, that's not really the full story. The dress is only one part of the outfit - once you've got that sorted then you need to think about legs (tights or leggings - what colour, what finish, how thick?), feet (shoes or boots?) and cover-ups (cardigans, jackets or coats?)!!

There was also an idea mooted a while back that dresses were the ultimate cover-all sins item - well only if you like shapeless shrouds and with Gok Wan championing the return of the hourglass figure for us all, well that just isn't going to happen!

In all seriousness though - dresses are great and at Planet, we love them. Dresses really are the way forward. Honestly. The best advice we can really give you is to wear a shape that suits. Simple but true! Now, you may be saying well thanks Planet for stating the obvious, but believe me we've seen some women recently mooching about in dresses which are utterly the wrong shape for their body so here's Planet's guide to what dress shape to wear for your shape.
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You will look fab in dresses which accentuate your slimmer top half and waist and flare over your thighs - for example a belted shirt-dress. You don't necessarily have to cover up your top half - a halterneck is a great option to broaden your shoulders, as are shoulder pads. Fitted shift dresses are flattering for most figures, but avoid bias cut skirts or skirts which are too clingy.
This shape is all about creating an illusion of curves. Try slouchy belts around the hip area or anything which has detail or interest around the hips - the very things that all other body shapes will run from screaming basically!! If you've got fab legs to go with your straight up and down shape then go as short as you dare you luscious lady! You're best steering clear of shift dresses as they are a little too rigid for you shape, and body-con dresses are a no-no too I'm afraid.
First and foremost get over the whole draping myself in lots of fabric will make me look slimmer thing - it won't! All it does is make you look bigger. Gently tailored dresses which fit and flatter the body are best. If tailoring fills you with horror though, go for an empire line dress which will gently contour the body and provide a leg-lengthening silhouette. Also, look for floaty fabrics in a feminine and flirty style without being voluminous. A good day dress for fuller figures is a tailored shift. If you're looking for a large size evening dress then a silk print maxi dress would be lovely - and at Planet we do dresses in sizes 8-20 so you’re sure to find something that suits.
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