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Everybody loves a holiday
And we here at Planet are no exception. The first hint of Spring has us running to the travel agents and returning with piles of holiday brochures to thumb through and gaze wistfully at pictures of faraway places. Whether you are looking for a City Break, a Beach Holiday or a Cruise, the same issue always raises its head. How do you pack into your suitcase enough clothes for a week away to look fab on the beach, sightseeing and in the evening whatever the weather? It can be a daunting task and seem nigh on impossible! (View our catwalk videos)

Well as you know we here at Planet love to help, so we've put together some top tips to ensure you have a versatile and stylish holiday wardrobe without having to sit on your case to close it, and risk the pain of the excess baggage costs!
So, first things first. Before you even start to pack, take a deep breath and think about all those holidays you've had where you've taken practically your entire wardrobe with you, and then you've spent the whole time in the same pair of shorts and t-shirt! Vow that this is never going to happen again, and keep repeating the mantra "less is more, less is more, less is more"! One top tip that all the travel presenters seem to swear by is pack everything you think you want to take then put half of it back in the wardrobe!!
Planet says, if in doubt
leave it out
Everything you take with you on holiday must go with something else. Mix and match is key to the successful holiday wardrobe, and can save many wardrobe traumas whilst you're away. That bright pink silk skirt might be crying out for foreign climes, but unless you've got two tops it goes with - leave it at home!
If you're going on a beach holiday (lucky you!) then the key items you need to focus is your swimwear. We suggest two bikinis or swimsuits are enough for a week's holiday - if you're away for longer then take more! They do roll up small to slip into your suitcase anyway! Some swimming costumes and bikinins are now reversible which is just even more fabulous - this doubles your mix and match quota whilst keeping your packing list the same! To pair with your fab swimwear you must must must get a sarong. These are light as a feather, so easy to pack and so versatile - wear as a cover-up on the beach, a skirt when having lunch, a top for sightseeing, and as a scarf in the evening or when travelling! Genius!
For a more structured daytime look, why not go for one of the loose shirts which are all the rage this summer. This will protect your skin on the beach and ensure you feel comfortable when dining or sightseeing. You'll also need a good pair of shorts to wear at your hotel or villa - and these can take you into town as well. For a smarter look, why not take a lightweight skirt and pair of linen trousers - slip them on with your swimsuit for sightseeing or shopping, and dress them up with a glitzy top in the evening.

For the evening nothing beats a great dress
So why not try a maxi dress for a change? If you pick a jersey maxi dress it will pack easily, and be so comfy to wear. Leave the killer heels at home and instead opt for sparkly sandals or flip flops - you'll get more wear out of them!

A denim jacket is always a good addition to your holiday wardrobe too - it works with everything from your swimwear to your dress, and is a great extra layer to have if the weather turns chilly (let's hope not!).
Last but not least, pack some accessories. You can pick up some great necklaces and bracelets at Planet - and they can be the one thing that takes your outfit from drab to fab! Pick a couple of different colours, and you'll be able to transform any outfit.

So that's our tips to a great holiday wardrobe. We hope you have a wonderful holiday, and look forward to you sharing your snaps with us on our Facebook page! Show us how Planet helped make your holiday wardrobe chic.
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Planet is all about sophisticated fashion for women. Available in sizes 8-20 our clothes are cut to flatter and tailored to fit. We have a fabulous range of holidaywear including great dresses and maxi dresses, and separates including t-shirts, skirts, trousers, jackets and a great range of fashion accessories.