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So, you've received your invitation to the wedding of the century (William and Kate - who are they?) and the big question in your head is: "What shall I wear?". You want to look your best but you don't want to upstage the bride and groom! Don't worry, you're not alone - people up and down the country every day open wedding invitations with a smile, which quickly turns to a frown when they survey their wardrobes! But don't worry, we here at Planet are here to help you look your best as a wedding guest.

Firstly, and most importantly, try not to upstage the bride and groom! Although the old adage of not wearing white to wedding is a bit old hat now, especially with the massive trend this summer for white tailoring for women, you should choose your white pieces carefully. I mean it would be awful if you turned up in the most gorgeous white lace dress and looked more bridal than the bride! (though you could say its her fault for not choosing you as her style advisor!). For a man, I think it's best to steer clear of the whole top hat and tails thing - unless specifically requested by the wedding party. A sharp suit, shirt and tie look cool and smart - try wearing a white tie and shirt, or an unexpected colour combination like a brown suit and orange tie if you want to flex your fashion muscles.
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Another thing to consider when picking a wedding outfit, is the theme of the wedding. You can usually tell from the invitation and the venue what kind of wedding it will be. For example a Cathedral wedding with a reception at a five star hotel demands a certain level of formal dressing, as opposed to a outdoor wedding in a field. Both equally fabulous occasions but one more casual wedding guest wear than the other. Sometimes, the bride and groom make it easy for you by printing the dress code on the invitation - for example: black and white theme, black tie, lounge suits, etc...
Another important consideration is the time of year the wedding will be. If it is a Winter wedding you could go for a gorgeous tailored trouser suit or dress and jacket, whereas in the summer a floaty dress and cover-up would be cute. Always check the weather report before you leave too, our unpredicatable weather has seen rain in August and blue skies in March before now! Might be worth your while wearing something with a couple of layers, such as cardigan or cover-up and a silk scarf, so you can add on and takeaway as the weather dictates! The majority of wedding receptions tend to occur indoors though, so make sure your outfit looks good pared back to its bare essentials e.g. if you're wearing a dress and don't like your arms then make sure your dress has cap sleeves.

One of the biggest considerations has to be comfort. I'm all for glamour and glitz but nothing looks worse than a lady in a gorgeous strapless dress who is pulling at her dress all day! Weddings tend to be all day events - church service, photographs, reception, meal, buffet, disco... your wedding guest outfit has to last you through several different occasions. So, make sure you're comfortable in it! A maxi dress is a great ideas for weddings as it is loose enough to allow you to indulge in the lovely food, and long enough that you can wear killer heels for the service and photos, and then change into a pair of sparkly flats for the disco!

Finally, a hat or a fascinator? Hats tend to have gone by the by recently, with a large focus on fascinators - especially amongst younger wedding guests. They can look super stylish, and are a chic choice with the floaty feminine dresses and maxi dresses which are on trend now.

Whatever you choose to wear, have a fabulous time on the day!

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